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premium quality & full process

Stunning print quality in vibrant colour and at a competitive price.

When it comes to printing magazines, quality is what we value the most. Don’t you?
That is why our team of experienced consultants is happy to advise you on every step of the process - from print files and formats, discharge, paper quality, inserts, Karten-glue, covers, glossing and much more.

Naturally, we are working in accordance with the international standards, such as Fogra, ISO 12647-2 etc.

Printing for some of the largest and most prestigious magazine publishers in Europe – such as Bonnier Publications, Aller Media in Denmark and Burda in Germany – lets us put all of the best printing related know-how at your service.

By keeping a constant dialogue with our suppliers, we know their production process down to the smallest detail. Therefore, we can guarantee you a high-quality outcome, regardless of the size of the job and the budget.

Kolofon also ensures that your magazines are shipped and will go through the customs correctly. Foiling, addressing and packaging is adapted to the requirements of the individual countries’ postal standards.

We’re excited to help you plan your next magazine printing project and provide our best recommendations and a quote for your project.

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“To us, Kolofon stands for security of supply and very competitive prices. Furthermore, they are highly skilled in everything that has to do with foil, fliers and address slips.”


Lars Schilling Jacobsen
Jacobsen Publishing

  • Areco, Sweden Areco, Sweden
  • Globo Lightning, Austria Globo Lightning, Austria
  • Børsen Ledelseshndbøger Børsen Ledelseshndbøger
  • Danske Bank, Denmark Danske Bank, Denmark
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your #1 choice

Kolofon has provided professional service for state-of-the-art book printing for over 8 years.

Naturally, our in-house advisors are here to help you choose the production that is the best fit for you.

Whether your book is to be delivered in soft back or hard back, is to be printed in sheet offset or rotation, in 1+1 or 4+4 colours, we will deliver the best solution for you.

Kolofon prints your books with several finishing options (incl. sizing of the cover, foiling and blind embossing) and in an extensive selection of binding choices (incl. canvas binding, dirt covers).

We produce both inside and outside the EU. To ensure that your precious work arrives at your desired address in a safe and timely manner, we will take your production through customs.

See how much you can save.
  • Emendo, Finland Emendo, Finland


high quality and affordable

If you need high-quality printed packaging, Kolofon is your best partner.

Our advisors have years of experience with modern production methods, ensuring you precision and reliability.

We guarantee 100% quality and provide multiple alternatives for materials, technical expertise, processes and applications to suit projects of any size and budget.

You can check out an example of our packaging solution for a Finnish company Emendo here.

We also offer our expertise to develop your existing or new packaging further. For future reference and upcoming projects, it can be helpful to see the many stunning possibilities of modern packaging printing.

For larger packaging productions we kindly offer to make you a test production. This is where our advisor cooperates with you to test the physical product in our production lines, minimising the risk of running into any hurdles further down the printing process.

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“With Kolofon as a cooperation partner, Børsen has a credible and competent adviser, who provides a high level of service.”


Lars Hesselbjerg Asskildt
Production Manager
Børsen Pleasure


experts guarantee the best quality

At Kolofon, we work hand-in-hand with you for all your digital prepress needs.

We really understand that time is money - and that all unwanted errors in the process often cost more than anyone can afford.

Therefore, we happily guarantee you a comprehensive pre-process, ensuring that your print files will be reviewed in detail in order to avoid annoying - and often costly - errors.

At every stage, from file preparation to colour manipulation, our prepress professionals ensure that your project looks exactly as you visualised.

We will take no risks nor will we ever lower our quality - we take pride in our performance and the outcome of your products.

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“The Kolofon employees always make that extra effort, helping us finish on time.”

Anita Benke
Marketing Communications Manager