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Graphic Design

Are you short of resources or the right competences for laying out or designing your products, or has your present solution become too expensive?
If so, then Kolofon offers graphic advice as well as solutions for graphical tasks.
From our head office in Tallinn, Kolofon’s graphical department does magazine design, book design, design for packaging and many other periodical or individual tasks for customers all over Europe.
For example, we help the Finnish company Emendo (link to their cases) and the Danish Nordjyske Medier  (link to their cases)
Our ADs are among the most talented and in addition to their graphical background they also have university degrees in graphical forming. Therefore, Kolofon ensures a high quality in all graphic areas

● General graphic setup
● Layout for magazines and brochures, etc.
● Packaging
● Manufacturing of print ready files
● Image processing
● Choice of ICC profiles, starting from the selection of paper and the printing technique

In addition, Kolofon guarantees that approval and printing processes happen efficiently through our digital approval flow. That means you save lots of time and get graphical work of a high quality.
Book a meeting to find out how Kolofon can help you with your graphical production.

“It is a pleasure to work with a partner that puts efficiency and quality first. We look forward to many years of continued cooperation with Kolofon.”

Anita Benke
Marketing Communications Manager
  • Nordjyske Medier, Denmark Nordjyske Medier, Denmark
  • Fona Group, Denmark Fona Group, Denmark

Image processing

At a time when Internet media flood readers with images of an often inadequate quality and where mobile phones are cameras and more and more people become photographers themselves, image quality in print becomes even more important than in the past.

Images taken with mobile cameras and by inexperienced photographers require much more image processing than in the past.

At Kolofon we know from our customers how big of a difference a good image makes in a magazine, a book or on packaging.

That is why Kolofon offers top quality professional image processing. Approval and dialogue during the process takes place online, so it is fast and efficient. However, the actual image processing is done by our ADds, who specialize in image quality.

Kolofon would like to show new and existing customers that we can make a difference to your images. Send us a couple of your raw, unprocessed images so you can assess the difference.

Book a meeting to learn how we can help make your images better.

“We are seeing that despite the geographical distance the great designers at Kolofon are part of the overall editing team.”

Poul Erik Clausen
Production Director
Nordjyske Medier
  • Emendo Emendo
  • Expandet Expandet
  • Hillerstorp Hillerstorp


Efficient POS materials can make the difference between success and failure for your campaigns.

Kolofon’s advisors know this, therefore, they can help you not only with your budget but also with the design of your in-store and POS materials.

Kolofon cooperates with some of Europe’s best and most modern packaging producers.

Our manufacturing facilities are comprehensive and give us an opportunity to work with paper, cardboard, board and plastic in all stages of the production – from an idea and draft to the finished product. Kolofon can also make a dummy model before starting production.
Kolofon offers design, print and production of all types of Point Of Sale materials, including:

● Wrapping and boxes
● Pallet wrap
● Banners, sales displays and pop ups
● Box towers
● Miscellaneous plastic products, e.g. adhesive marks and campaign material

In our production, we use serigraphy, UV offset and flexo.

If you’re missing a product, call us. There are no products we cannot make for you.

If today you, your packaging or other products are produced in Denmark, then we can certainly help you with better production as well as a better savings.
Have a chat with Henrik Hald, who can advise you thanks to his many years of experience.

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“We greatly appreciate the fact that Kolofon always delivers design and other tasks quickly.”